Monday, October 13, 2003

The countdown has begun... 5 days until I turn 23!! Woohoo!

I wonder when birthdays stop becoming fun? Do they ever? Am I going to be like "Woohoo! I am 60!" heh.

This weekend is going to fun, fun, fun! I believe that we are going to go Lips on Friday night. Lips is a great dinner show in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. The show is a bunch of drag queens! It is fabulous, dah-ling! They are hilarious, talented, and really, really bitchy! I went a couple of months ago for a bachelorette party, and our waitress had such a great body! And a skin tight dress. She performed in a nylon body stocking and you COULD. NOT. TELL. AT. ALL. They must invest in a helluva lot of duct tape!! (Shout out to SM--we know what that is like!)

Anyone from SoCal reading this, listen up! The grocery store workers are striking right now. While it may be a pain to go to another store, DO NOT CROSS THE LINE! These people are not asking for more money. TPTB are trying to cut their health and pension benefits in half. Your groceries are not going to get more expensive. The less people cross the line, the sooner this thing will be over. Besides, all Teamster-driven delivery trucks are going to stop delivering, so supplies will be running out. Support your grocery workers!!


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