Monday, October 13, 2003

Desert season is coming soon! I am very excited. I got on my new bike yesterday (CR250-in case you were wondering) and it fits like a glove. Even my HammieLove was surprised about how good I look on it. Once he is done fixing the water pump, I am going to take all of the plastics off of it and spray paint them bright red! And then I will stencil on my Dirt Bunny logo. I am going to look so cute! (Just ask me!)

I got an Off Road Warehouse sticker for my car. It looks funny on my little Echo. Off Road Echo! Woohoo! I also ordered a SheRides sticker for the back of my car. I like to think of my car as an extension of me. I am getting a license plate frame that says, " If you're gonna ride my ass
At least pull my hair!" Heh.

I talk alot...have you noticed?


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