Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I have to agree with KatJam that I am totally over American Idol. I feel like Simon "Who cares?" Yeah, LaToya, Fantasia and Diana are good singers but they have no personality (or in Fantasia's case, too much)! Also, I am sick of everyone telling Fanstasia that she is soooo unique. Macy Gray anyone? To a tee! I miss Kelly.

I went and saw my little kitten, Zion yesterday. She is too adorable for words. I am really going to have to take pictures of her and upload them. She is 10 days old and her eyes are almost open. She ears have opened so she has these two little fuzzy points on her head! She looks like a little tiger, except that she is black and brown. I snuggled her up last night and she slept and dreamt, getting all twitchy. I can't wait to take her home!

The vet called and said that Switch is ready to come home. It is going to be sad looking at that little cedar box, knowing that my Swishy is in there. HammieLove and I have decided to take her favorite laser toy and some pictures and make a shadow box. Then her box and picture will get a special place in the house. I feel a little silly because she was a pet, not my grandma, but then I think of my parents and what they did when our Shar-Pei, Ruffles died of a brain tumor. They had a huge portrait drawn of him from a picture and put it over the mantle in the formal living room with his box right underneath it. We didn't even have a family portrait but they had one of our dog!

So maybe I am not that crazy...


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It's all relative, isn't it? ;-)

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