Monday, June 14, 2004

Ahhh, the silence

My sister and nieces headed back to AZ yesterday. I am going to miss them a ton but the empty apartment was BLISS yesterday. Much napping and catching up on non-kid-friendly Tivo'd shows commenced.

We went camping over the weekend at little Lake Dixon which is about five minutes from our house. We "roughed it" in the RV. The girls had a good time. Our fishing expedition lasted all of 20 minutes before they lost interest. HammieLove and I took Britt (the youngest, she's six) hiking. We hit some boulders that she wanted to explore and ended up free climbing about 100 feet up. They were at a gradual incline, nothing too dangerous, but the climbing was technical. Britt handled it like a pro. It was a fun time (but I am sore!!)

How freaky was Six Feet Under?


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