Friday, June 11, 2004

I wish that I was a govenment employee today. Not because I want the day off to go to the beach. Really.

President Reagan is the first President of my generation to die. I was watching part of the pre-funeral activities (including Nancy kissing the flag draped coffin -- made me cry) and I wished that I could watch the whole thing. I like experiencing history while it is happening. I just wish I could be at home watching. Hell, I wouldn't mind watching here at work, but I think I would get in trouble.

Reagan was elected for his first term 2 weeks after I was born. The first eight years of my life, he was President. I remember I had a Webster (remember that show? What ever happened to that kid?) book that showed Webster going to the White House and eating Jelly Beans with the President.

Today is the true end to an era.


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