Wednesday, June 02, 2004


61 out of 400 isn't bad, right? I think I need to read more of the classics. Myabe I will go to the library. I think that I owe a ton of late fees. It would be worth it since I have been devouring books lately. It sucks to spend 10 bucks on a book when I finish them in about 2 days.

HammieLove will be getting his bonus next week. $2500 baby! That MIGHT have been my engagement ring money had I not,you know, LEFT him three weeks ago. It's okay though. He's buying me the couch I really want! :)

I am having a bad day, depression wise. I am trying to snap out of it, which is not so easy. You know what helps though? Looking out the window and seeing the sparrows attack people on the street! They must be protecting a nest or something, but there are four birds, two on each side of the street, that are whapping people upside the head. It is HI-LARIOUS!

I have Friday, Monday and Tuesday off. That is good news. Too bad my sister is being a Schedule Nazi about my nieces. SHE told us we would have them on the weekends that they were here, so we made plans to go to Sea World, a Padres game, camping. Now she is freaking out on us saying we are monopolizing their time. I am so frustrated with her!

There is a bright side (besides the bird attacks):

The new Harry Potter Movie comes out on FRIDAY I can't wait!!


Blogger TV Junkie said...

Wait. Is your sister my sister? Hmmmm. This all sounds very familiar.

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