Thursday, May 20, 2004

Since my blog has been a den of happiness lately...

I made an appointment for therapy today. HammieLove is pretty concerned over the depression thing and prodded me to call the employee assistance program. They were great and took care of the arrangements and I go in tomorrow at 3.

I have always known I was crazy but therapy??!?!

This will be a good thing. And hopefully I will be acutally able to look on the bright side of things. Or else I will have to change the name of my blog " Looking on the dark dark oh god where is the light side" ( And then I will dance with my head down bobbing from side to side taking a puff of my cigarette every five seconds, wearing all black and copious amounts of eyeliner and muttering "Conformists.)(If you don't watch South Park, you have no idea what that last part was about. "You got served!")

On the bright side today? I love my new skirt! It is black and assymetrical in a Tinkerbell kind of way. If I spin really fast, it flies up and shows my undies (which are SO not appropriate for work so I am not doing much spinning). With my 4 inch heels and a pretty top, I feel like a million bucks today! I have gotten a ton of compliments. I wish I could feel this good all the time.

HammieLove and I have decided we are going to take a vacation soon. Maybe up the coast to San Francisco and San Jose. He wants to see the Winchester Mystery House, which I have been to and it is cool! Or maybe to Washington DC. His grandpa died in Vietnam and he would like to get a rubbing of his name from the Vietnam Memorial. Plus, he spends so much time watching the History Channel, I think he would dig all the museums and history in DC.

Off to work...


Blogger TV Junkie said...

Have you ever been to Cambria? I love Cambria. Very pretty, small town with lots of artsy gallery type shops, etc. Nice little Inns on Moonstone Beach Drive, and the Hearst Castle is close by - as well as a ton of wineries in the Paso Robles/Atascadero area.


I need a vacation!


4:12 PM  
Blogger Hammie said...

My parents actually live about 20 miles south of Cambria in Morro Bay. I love Cambria. It is always a must-go when I visit the parentals. They have a great restaurant that does outdoor barbecue and makes FABULOUS ribs. The Tin Soldier, which has all these great pewter sculptures, is one of my favorite shops.

What all your trip to the Bahamas or wherever you go is not a vacation? *snicker*

4:27 PM  

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