Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I am feeling KatJam’s pain on the whole taping of the TV show thing. I went to watch my Tivo’d Gilmore Girls finale last night and realized to late that HammieLove had erased all of my settings off the TiVo on Sunday and it didn’t record GG! *pout*

I did watch the WB Superstar USA and I think I have a new TV boyfriend. Briggs cracked my shit up. They are doing such a great spoof on American Idol. I feel bad for some of these people but I guess I have a morbid fascination with these things. Plus, Briggs is biting Tyra Banks’ style with the whole “Congratulations, you are one step closer to being America’s next superstar.” I was laughing out load. I almost expected Brian McFadden to say “McFadden OUT!” at the end.

And on American Idol? Well, I think…that I don’t care. Bleh.

HammieLove are doing well. He is having a little issue right now since he is really good friends with my soon-to-be-ex business partner. He feels caught in the middle. I can’t (and won’t) tell him to stop being friends with her. His solution to the whole partnership thing is to have me sign my stuff over to him and then he will just act as a figurehead for me. She is willing to deal with and is seemingly unaware that he will be consulting me on everything anyway. I am okay with it because I don’t see myself being friends with her. I mean, seriously, she was telling all of our co-workers that I was out of the business before she had even spoken to me. She is turning her back on me when I need her, even after I have spent this past year working so hard to make her feel included in things, even if that meant sacrificing some of the alone time and intimacy that HL and I share. I am far from blaming all of our problems on her, but having that extra person around all the time could have contributed. Well, no more. If she insists on pushing through the partnership change, then she wasn’t the friend that I thought she was and she won’t have an integral part in MY life anymore. HL will have to make his own decisions and I hope he prioritizes our relationship first.

But I digress…

We had another good night last night. He had hockey. I went to a little bit of one of his games, but I had just been swimming laps and was uncomfy in my suit so I didn’t stay. I was there long enough to get tackled by a couple of his friends who though they weren’t going to see me again. It is nice to be loved. :O) And of course, after I leave, there is a bench clearing brawl. I always miss the good fights!

I am so tired. I can’t wait to go home. I think I might go see my kitty and take some pictures tonight. I want to make sure I get some good ones while she is still really tiny (only 17 days old!!)

P.S. In answer to one of the comments from yesterday, I have such a good reason for going back… I love him more that I have ever loved anyone else in my life. I thought the grass would be greener on the other side, but just a TASTE of that life was enough to make me realize otherwise. My leaving was an eye opener for the both of us. I am glad to be seeing clearly now!


Blogger TV Junkie said...

Just so long as he is seeing clearer as well. ;-)


5:21 PM  
Blogger TV Junkie said...

Oh, and dammit! I forgot to watch Gilmore Girls! Grrrrrrrrrr..

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