Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Back from vacay

Relaxed and refreshed, right? Yeah, right! Having my sister and her two daughters staying with us in our tiny apartment is anything but relaxing. Just too many people.

We are having fun though. We went to Sea World on Sunday ( a total blast). We did a lot of shopping. HammieLove got his bonus and we used part of it to redecorate. New couch (not the one I wanted, but it is nice and comfy) new chair, new flat screen TV. Throw in some cute retro Americana decor that I found and my little house looks so cute!

Plus my wonderful sis decided to help me out with the depression thing and thought that cleaning my house from top to bottom would help. It did! It looks like a professional maid came through. I am very grateful.

Today I am back at work and a little crabby. Went to bed later than I should have, I haven't had any caffeine today in an effort to curb my soda/Red Bull addiction, and I quit smoking (again). This after HammieLove sat my down for a "talk" which still make me feel 12. He is worried about my health, blahblahblah cancer-cakes. Besides the fact that I have chronic asthma and I can't consistently work out if I am smoking. Which in turn makes me feel like crap because I am used to working out.

So I threw away my BRAND NEW (that hurt) pack of cigs. It is for the best.

Doesn't stop me from being crabby though.

On the bright side, David emailed me. I was happy to hear from him, a little freaked out to hear that he had read my blog (I never thought anyone I KNEW would read this...S'cool though). I think that we will not be able to hang out this summer without totally freaking HL out, but that is my own fault. I do think that over time, when HL feels more secure, we will be able to be the great friends that we have the ability to be. We always made better friends than a couple.

So, David, if you read this...

I value you as my friend. You showed me a lot of things over that week and helped me cross a threshold within myself that I had been battling a long time. There is nothingthat I regret about my time spent with you. Our day at the Faire was the most fun that I had had in a long time. I love you as my friend and one day this will all be water under the bridge and we will look back and laugh.



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