Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I hate people.

First, I have to suffer through the getting-called-to-the-principal's-office feeling all night after my boss tells me that he (being the BossMan) and the LadyBoss would like to have a "meeting" with me tomorrow (which is today). He tells me not to stress, but OF COURSE I am stressing!

We have the "meeting" today and it is because of some of the "perceptions" that people have of me. Translation: People are talking shit about me behind my back to my boss'. Nice. Their perceptions? That I socialize too much (in the office and at the County Recorders office), I goof around on the Internet too much (Heh.) and that I am away from my desk too much. I came out of the meeting okay, because my boss' really rock and they listened to me. Here is what I said:

Socialize too much? Are you kidding? I am so busy I barely have time to breathe, much less socialize. Whilst I may occasionally spend a couple of minutes Friday morning professing my love for Rupert with the fellow Survivorites, I would hardly call that "too much." And at the Recorder's Office, there is nothing to do BUT talk while you are waiting for your docs to gets examined. Whatever.

Internet? They are a little right on that. But I am not on THAT much. My work still gets done. And I get breaks, right?

The problem with this whole thing is not that people have been talking behind my back. The problem is that I think that it is someone that I consider my friend. I have always had the problem of being too trusting. Now I have to watch myself around her and I hate that. Why can't people mind their own business?

I hate how being in a good mood all the time is considered immature. I am happy almost all the time. Even when I am in a bad mood, I can manage to smile and crack a joke. Older people think that I am immature. I don't get it. Sullen and grumpy is maturity? If that is maturity, then you can have it.

On the good news front, Genny (my BFF) called to let me know that her OB/GYN is scheduling to induce her on Monday. I really want to be there and I hope that the Boss' will give me the day off. I have missed the birth of ALL of my nieces and nephews (there are 16!) and I really want to be there for the birth of my first goddaughter, Gwendolyn.

I think I am with Rappy on the Big Dumb Idiots. I was at the Recorders office, trying to work on my laptop (see not socializing) when a BDI comes up to me and tells me that I can't plug into the county electricity. Are you kidding? (I actually said this) My 20 minutes of laptop power is going to put you over budget? Give me a break. But like the good, MATURE professional that I am, I shut down my document and computer. I get called to the counter and when I looked back, the BDI had gone and gotten another BDI. They were looking for me and when I caught their attention BDI2 tells me that I can't use county electricity. WHICH IS WHY I HAD STOPPED after being asked the FIRST TIME. And then she points out my Red Bull and tells me I can't drink in there (as all the clerks around me collectively take sips of their sodas) Was it really necessary for the first BDI to get the second? And they wonder why people come in and shoot up government buildings. Geez.

4 days till my birthday... I wonder if we will go engagement ring shopping like HammieLove mentioned. I haven't said anything (to him) since he mentioned it, but I hope so! :)

And HammieLove's boss better kick down with the bonus this week. Yes, the bonus he has been promising for a month now. It is such a letdown every week we don;t get it. HammieLove is buying himself a new motorcycle so I can have his. HammieLove was amused when he came home to find me in my Fabulous Diva underoos, a tank top and my new motorcycle boots cleaning the kitchen. I love my boots! And my Underoos! And my sport top that I got at Target! Plus, I have to break my boots in. But I was wearing them because I love them. I would wear my helmet too if I could get away with it. Hell, I would walk around in full get up. I love my new gear!

I better stop "goofing off". G'night all...


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