Friday, October 17, 2003

One day till my birhtday!

Actually, today is my Work Birthday, since tomorow is Saturday. My friend, Mike, got me a monkey. I promptly pick it up and give it a firm spanking. And name it Mike. Awww, good monkey.

One of the title officers sent me flowers and a teddy bear. I named it Fuzzyhead RosieBear. I am in sensory overload from the soft fuzzy animals. I love to touch things, escpecially smooth and soft things. I am obsessive about it. I love my bears!!

This reminded me of a funny story. We were all out at the desert for Thanksgiving and HammieLove's sister was with us with her two boys. We were all sitting around the campfire and there was this boy that belonged to another family who was "special." He kept asking everyone, "Do you love my bear?" His bear being a big ol' floppy teddy. Tony, the oldest nephew, finally gets tired of hearing the question and answers, " The fire will love your bear." in this totally menacing, un-Tony like voice. It was Mafioso Newphew Tony! (this may be one of those "you had to be there" moments, but trust me it was funny!)

HammieLove got off of work early and went birthday present shopping. I love my birthday!!

3 days until Genny has her baby. It is so cool to think that there will all of a sudden be a new person in our lives. I can't wait!

BTW, R.I.P. Red Sox


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