Thursday, October 16, 2003

Only two more days to buy me lots of presents for my birthday! Get to crackin'!

Deep thought for the day:

Never hold your farts in. They travel up your spine and into your brain. That is where people get shitty ideas from.


I am rooting for the Red Sox tonight, even though I am not from Boston and I don't even really like baseball. My home team is the Padres, so you can share my enthusiasm. My friend, Stephanie, is a big ol' Sox fan because she moved here from Beantown four months ago. She wishes she was back home because people would understand her fanaticism. I think that everyone here got really into it to make her feel more at home. I think we are honorary Beantownians.

Poor Cubs. :(

Today has been a super busy one at work. I have taken a short break to update this for the 1 person that may read it.
BossMan is in ChiTown for the USC/Notre Dame game and the LadyBoss is home sick. So I am here to get reamed by the clients (just one reamed me, and I handled it very well, if I do say so. And I do.) Back and forth to the recorders. Fun.

The Boss' aren't here and it is Boss' Day! I got BossMan Godiva Chocolate Cigars and I got the ladyBoss a little Godiva gift pack in a gold mesh bag. Chocolate is always a good present.

There is this guy, Hunter, at the Recorder's office. Hunter is a long haired tattooed rock star wanna be who is kind of cute until he opens his mouth. He called me a slacker and a loser for not going to college. (I make almost 30,000 a year at 23 with no college education. Not bad.) But apparently this guy is now living in his truck. He smells like he is at least. I gave him a hug because he said he was depressed, and now my shirt smells like a homeless person, stale beer, cigarettes, and body odor. Yick. I also read his Soc 101 paper on "corporate rationalization." It was an awful poorly spelled piece of regurgitated liberal crap with bad grammar. Now I don't eat at McDonalds because of the way they treat their employees, but I have a reason. This essay was about how the Man and the Media are working to saturate society with "secret messages." Holy COW! How he wouldn't eat meat, or drink Coca-Cola, but he does collect Nikes and buy gas because he has "thought it through." Does that make sense? Because smoking Big Tobacco and drinking Budweiser doesn't support big business? This is what college does to you. It makes you think you KNOW everything.

Anyway, I feel sorry for him. After he called me a slacker, I made a shirt that had a really funny picture of him on it with "Slacker" written underneath it. He thinks that it is hilarious and wants one. I think that I am going to make him one just so he has a clean shirt. So sad.


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