Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I Could ...
If They Would
If they would find a cure when I'm a kid...
I could ride a bike and sail on rollerblades, and
I could go on really long nature hikes.
If they would find a cure when I am a teenager...
I could earn my license and drive a car, and
I could dance every dance at my senior prom.
If they would find a cure when I'm a young adult...
I could travel around the world and teach peace, and
I could marry and have children of my own.
If they would find a cure when I'm grown old...
I could visit exotic places and appreciate culture, and
I could proudly share pictures of my grandchildren.
If they could find a cure when I'm alive...
I could live every day without pain and machines, and
I could celebrate the biggest thank you of life ever.
If they would find a cure when I'm buried into Heaven,
I could still celebrate with my brothers and sister there, and
I could still be happy knowing that I was part of the effort.

June, 2000
© Matthew Joseph Thaddeus Stepanek
Used with permission from Journey Through Heartsongs, Hyperion, 2002

Mattie died today of a rare form of MD. I think that it is amazing that such a young man could touch an inspire people the way that he did. You can read about him on the here. When I hear about someone like Mattie, it makes me feel like a wimp for crying about my earache.


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