Monday, June 21, 2004

It's good to be bi

Polar that is. That is what my therapist thinks I am afflicted by - manic depression to the layfolk. I have to say that I would not be surprised but I am witholding any feeling towards it until I actually see the shrink for diagnosis.

To be honest, I don't care what it is as long as they can fix it and make me feel better.

So many people seem surprised that I talk about therapy and depression with such candor. I think that there is too much of a stigma that surround this disease. There is nothing that I can do to control the weird things that are happening in my head. Why be ashamed? I always knew I was nuts. Now everybody else knows!

Just kidding.

I am glad that I am getting help though.

Zion came home on Saturday. I have pictures here at work, I just have to figure out how to scan them into my computer. She settled right in, no separation anxiety or anything. I think that she was happy to be in a clean and quiet environment. She follows me around like a puppy. It is very adorable. The other cats are getting used to her. Dozer cuddled up to her while we were sleeping on Saturday night, but he would never let us see it in the daytime. I woke and saw them. Once Dozer realized I was watching, he moved. He is such a boy!

We went to the Scottish Highland games yesterday. HammieLove said it was nothing like the Ren Faire but I totally think that it was. The only difference I saw was that these people were really Scots as opposed to the people at the Faire pretending to be English. I have to say that hot bodies in kilts are VERY sexy! *rowr*

Back to work...


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