Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I wonder if it is sport for guys in LA to pick up women on the freeway. I have gotten asked for my phone number TWICE in the two days that I was making sales calls in LA. The first was SUPER DUPER hot and played car tag with me, making funny gestures before gesturing to his phone. I indicated that I had a boyfriend and sped off. It was funny and flattering but weird. What if I was some sort of nutcase?

The second guy did it today in traffic,which was a little more awkward because I couldn't speed of after rejecting him. Oops.

I also got hopelessly lost both days. I was gone for 12 hours on Monday and 14 hours yesterday, both trips including unintentional tours of Woodland Hills, Reseda, Koreatown, Beverly Hills and downtown LA. I really need a Thomas Guide.

So now I am taking time in this busy holiday season to update my blog and my MySpace.

Merry Christmas to all my blogosphere friends!! :)


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