Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Today is my Friday, thanks to the coolest boss in the world. He decided we needn't stress ourselves out tomorrow trying to work and get ready for the desert. AND he bought reinforcements for this afternoon in the form of Jim Beam and Coors Light. I love my job.

Spent last week on the road, which is why the care and maintenance of my bloghas been remiss. I did sell almost $4000 worth of merchandise though! Not bad for a greenpea salesgirl. I get Jr. Account Executive on my business cards though.

Took Meg to Venice Beach with me on Friday. We rented a beach cruisers and delivered boxes up and down the strip. It was cool.

HammieLove's sis and nephews are in town for Thanksgiving. Six is a lot of people for my little apartment. My cats are refusing to come out from under the bed.

Please send good thoughts and vibes to our friend Bart's daughter, Cynthia. She was thrown out of a dune buggy that rolled in Mexico and it rolled over her. She broke her back (no paralysis, thank God), lost a kidney, her spleen, and broke some ribs. Needless to say, she is lucky to be alive and pretty fucked up. Any thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. :)

Everyone have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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