Monday, October 31, 2005

Today is my love's 37th birthday. :)

And it's Halloween. Happy Halloween!

I threw my cat eye contacts in and put sparkles on my face. Toss in my floor length ruby red velvet cloak with black satin lining (thanks to my Goth year in high school) and voila, I am a demon.

We spent the weekend in the desert, with Halloween weekend being the first "official" desert weekend. It was a blast!! My boss dressed up like a character from Up In Smoke in a pink leotard, tutu, tights, a big black Afro wig and Elvis glasses. His hairy legs were a sight to see in those tights! He has got one of the fastest buggies in the desert and there he was in an Afro wig pulling wheel stands on the Hill! It was freaking hilarious!

The most awesome news of the weekend was that my boss and his fiancee won custody of her kids. We had been working like madmen to get all the evidence together for the court hearing to get an injunction so her ex couldn't move them to another state. The judge was totally on our side and FINALLY awarded custody to them. The kids were only supposed to be in Cali for the weekend, but now they don't have to go back. They are SO happy! I feel really good and proud for having helped make things right.

And I think I will get to add nanny to my duties as personal assistant, which I totally don't mind! :)


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