Friday, October 14, 2005

You guys are the best! Thanks for the comments.

The new job is going really well but it is keeping me really busy. Not enough work in the office to keep me busy but we are short handed in the shop and since I am never afraid to get my hands dirty... And since we caught one of the guys smoking weed in the parking lot, we are going to be MORE shorthanded when we fire him today.

My boss, M, is helping his fiancee fight for her children. Her wicked ex is using them only as a commodity to make her "pay" for leaving him. And he wonders why she left? He is such an ass. I have been helping them write up a legal brief with evidence taken from the journal she has kept of her and her kids conversations from the past two years. Her babies want to live out here, she wants them out here but the judge keeps giving them to the father. We are working really hard on this case and hopefully it will pay off soon!

My birthday is in FOUR days!! I am getting kind of bummed. Don't ask me why. I know it is not because I am turning 25. I don't really care about that. I just don't know why I am in a funk. I think it is because the holidays are coming up and I am going to have to see all the FREAKING diamond commercials and then I am going to get all depressed because all I want in the world right now is to get engaged. So girly of me, I know. But that is what I want.

I think HammieLove has something up his sleeve for my birthday though. He has been very mum about things lately. Actually everyone in my life has been very mum about my birthday. Maybe they all just don't care... :(

Dang, I am being a whiner today! Meg and I are dressing up and going to sing karaoke at the most redneck place I have ever been to. They already look at us like we are crazy. Showing up dressed to the nines is going to be so fun!!


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