Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I am reading a book called The Total Money Makeover. It is all about living well within your means, not using credit, blah blah blah. It came highly recommended and I definitely see potential in the system. I read part of it over lunch today.

Then I came back to the office, went on Ebay, and bid on three pair of my favorite discontinued Express jeans and a rare Emily the Strange hoodie with kitty ears on the hood.

I am weak.

Plus, I forgot to take my Ritalin again today. Again.

I worked for three hours at my new job last night, in addition to my regular job. We organized the really dirty and messy office at my new job. My boss keeps an "emergency" bottle of Jim Beam in the desk and Coors Light in the fridge for After Hours.

I am going to love this job. :)


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