Monday, October 17, 2005

Three Martinis, One Beer and A Lot of Beads

On Saturday night, Steve, Marty, Jen and I went to one of the Indian casinos to watch our friends band play. Their band name is Staying Alive and they do a wicked disco show complete with requisite bell bottoms and Afro wigs. I had such a good time dancing and watching all the fifty something couples dance. I discovered that when you go to a show that has a lot of baby boomers, these are the types of dancers that you see:

The Country Dancers -These are the couples that do the two step, even though the style totally didn't fit the music.

The Baby Boomer Grinders - These are the dancers that are all over each other, groping and grinding into the night. All I can say is "Ew."

The Shy Ones - All they do is step together, side to side to every dance no matter what.

The Elaines - Everyone remembers that episode of Seinfeld right? Enough said!!

I had a great time though. And I got a lot of beads (without showing my ta-tas!)

More happened this weekend, but I have to get to work!!


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