Friday, January 13, 2006


Somehow spyware got downloaded on the computer at work and it really screwed the pooch on our PC. My boss is a technophobe to begin with but after struggling with the computer for 2 days he had had about enough and had the IT guy fix the computer and then put a restriction on it. So I can only access three websites. Well, one because the other two are making me give them a password.

Blogger is not one of those sites. Neither is Myspace. Which means ANY personal things that I want to do have to be done at Kinko's. Because I don't have a computer at home. *sigh*

Commission sales is going well. I am actually exceeding my goals. That is fun and satisfying, especially because HL was totally freaked about my salary being based on commission. Of course, I should prolly be working right now instead of updating my blog, but it's Friday! :)

I am heading out to Orange County today to cold call on some shops. We are having Lige Curry (he is the bass player for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic) at one of our San Diego stores tonight signing autographs and jamming. I didn't want to go too far North because I have to get back in time for the show.

Life with HammieLove is awesome as usual. He actually planned a date night for us tomorrow night. We are going to see the Narnia movie (which I thought he would never want to see in a million years but he suggested it!). He is going to the desert with the boys tomorrow and I have my first World Team practice of the year. I have been going to karate about three times a week and my foot is holding up okay. I can't jump but I can do pretty much everything else. I really missed being at the studio all the time and I am really enjoying it. I hate only seeing my love for about an hour a day but we survived it last year and I am sure that we will do even better this year because he got to see the payoff last year (me KICKING ASS!). Plus, he enjoys the benefit of the rocking body that I get from living at the studio.

I made a new friend at Krav class this week. Her name is Rebecca and she is a couple of months younger than me. This means that she can go out drinking with me -- a qualification that NONE of my current friends have. We have already planned to go out for her 25th birthday next month. It will be fun to have a friend that I can get legally wasted with.

Speaking of wasted, I am heading out to Vegas in March for an industry trade show. Time to party like a rock star BITCHES!! Any suggestions of where to go?

Off to make some money...get a tan...that sort of thing.


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