Monday, June 11, 2007


I spent all weekend sleeping. It was fabulous.

Last week was such a week from Hades. Really. Texas on Monday/Tuesday. I was actually traveling both days with brief stays in TX. So doubly exhausting. Add to that the fact that I don't sleep well on the road so I was super duper tired when I got home.

I still dragged my arse to work on Wednesday (late -- but at least I showed) and then Loren had SCUBA class that night AND I had to birthday shop for him. We didn't get to sleep until really late that night too.

Thursday was Loren's birthday. I called in sick because I was SERIOUSLY exhausted then we didn't sleep in because we were too excited about his birthday. He loved all his prizes (a bunch of diving gear) and we just had a chill relaxed day. Until that night, of course, when we went over to M&J's and got drunk -- UNTIL 2 AM. (Hammie - she is not a smart one.)

Friday turned out to be Black Friday at my work. They laid off FIVE people so it was a pretty emotional day. By the time I got home, I was past the point of exhaustion and full on in Tired Cranky Toddler mode (you know, when you are so tired you don't realize you are tired - you are just ready to throw a temper tantrum?) My wonderful love cooked me dinner and I was out like a light on his lap after I finished eating -- like MINUTES after I finished eating.

I slept until 10:30 the next day and stayed on the couch for most of the day. Megs came over Saturday night and spent the night because she was coming with me for Loren's ocean dive on Sunday.

We had to get up super early (like 5am) to get Loren to La Jolla in time for his dive. -yawns- We roll into the parking lot and guess who is there? Ex-HL of course. Damn. He waved at me but I really had no motivation to interact with him since he has been such a jerk about giving me back my things. He came over after Loren was in the water and tried to make conversation but I just kinda answered his questions and showed no enthusiasm about talking to him. That ship has sailed, bucko.

Megs and I both fell asleep on the beach...and we both got fried. My back is lobster red with a nice white stripe down the middle from my bikini ties. Nice.

Another 5 1/2 hour nap once we got back and an early night in bed means I am one rested Hammie.

Who is still insanely bored at work. Yay me.


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