Friday, October 24, 2003

I feel much better today!
After 2 Red Bulls this morning, I am feeling REALLY good!

I think I have an ear fetish. Is that weird? I love Orlando Bloom as Legolas, but I think that is due in large part to the elf ears. I bought elf ears from a costume shop withount any intention of being an elf for Halloween. I want to be a kitty for H-ween. I was a kitty last year and I liked it. I loved my ears! They are not the headand kind. They have a garter-like strap that I can arrange my hair around to make it look like they are coming out of my head. I just went to Hot Topic and bought kitty ears that clip onto my hair like barrettes. And my friend bought me an Emily snow beanie that is black and has kitty eyes on it and ears that stick out the top. I love ears! :)

The whole three people that read this should head on over to GreenTuna's blog, because she is completely inspired today. I bow humbly at the feet of Great Blogger Tuna.


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