Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Man, I just started to feel like crap. Too much going on these days!

HammieLove gave me additional birthday presents on Saturday morning. He had already bought me all new motocross gear (pants, jersey, helmet, boots and gloves) and then he gave me a Fox camelback and goggles. I will look so pro on my new bike come Halloween. Even though I have never ridden it and never ridden a motorcycle. I figure if I mastered the three wheeler, a two wheeler will be no sweat!

We had dinner at a great restaurant in Del Mar called Sbicca. The atmosphere was fantastic, the food better, and the wine was tasty! hammieLove sure knows how to pick a bottle of wine! Then, towards the end of dinner, LadyBoss shows up just to give me a hug, a card, and to wish me happy birthday. What a boss! I was so surprised and so impressed that she went that extra mile. My boss rocks!

We went to the street fair on Sunday. I got the cutest purse! It looks like a stuffed animal bear, but it is a purse! Who said I was immature?

HammieLove also took me "shopping" for engagement rings, so he knows what I want when he goes to buy it. *does a happy dance* It only took FOUR AND A HALF YEARS!!!! I am really stoked. I can't wait to get married!


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