Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Well, I am back.

I am also 23! *yay me*

And I am the proud godmother of 7 lb 12 oz
Gwendolyn Marie McLaughlin. :)

My birthday was wonderful. Breakfast with my parents, tae kwon do class (where everyone got to kick my butt really hard to wish me Happy Birthday). I freaked out at the last second about going to my friends funeral. It wasn't the death part that bothered me, it was the fact that there were going to be 5 or 6 people there that hate me and that I hate and I decided that I would be really uncomfortable. I would rather mourn Mikey in a way that I would be comfortable. So we went to Epazote in Del Mar and did a shot of tequila in his memory.

We checked into our hotel early. It was a beuatiful hotel. We weren't carrying any luggage, so I think that the front desk clerk was suspicious of us for some reason. Not that I am ashamed of "living in sin", but I didn't appreciate her announcing to anyone within earshot that I was sharing a room with a man who had a different last name than I do. THEN, we were settled into the room like 20 minutes later when there is a knock on the door, a quick "Housekeeping!" announcement, and the housekeeper bust in like the SWAT team. Aren't they supposed to wait for an answer? She brought in ONE towel (for our fully stocked bathroom). I thought it was odd, until I realized that she was doing a hooker check (at least that is what I think she was doing.) ONE towel? Give me a break. I don't look like a hooker...I sure as hell wasn't dressed like one! Everyone said that I should have complained, but I didn't realize it until later that night.

More birthday and baby update later...I have some work to catch up on!


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