Thursday, July 28, 2005

Suppose you discover that your boyfriend of six years had a super secret savings account. Suppose that savings account had a lot of money in it.
Like enough money for a nice engagement ring.

Would you start to get excited?

HammieLove is a totally above board guy, so I don't think that anything sinister is going on. I think he is keeping it a secret so I will be totally surprised when he pops the question. At least that is what I am hoping.

I am still excited.

We have such a busy weekend ahead of us. (What's new, right?) We started taking the Advanced Open Water scuba course and we have a night dive on Friday night and then we are taking a boat out to the wreck of the HMS Yukon (it was purposely sunk to create a natural reef) on Saturday afternoon. There we will do a wreck dive and a deep dive (100 ft!) Then it is Meagan's birthday on Sunday and I am taking her to Raging Waters. She has always wanted to go to San Dimas and Raging Waters because the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was filmed there. She loves B&T.

I think I will be tanned and tired come Monday.

We are in the process of moving office buildings at my new job. My new work area is AWESOME. I sit up at what is technically the receptionist desk, though I am not a receptionist. Well, not really. Yes, I answer the phones but I am also the assistant to the owner. I am in charge of pre-qualifying all the clients that call in looking for a design and build firm for their remodeling projects. It is cool because I kind of get to give them the sales pitch about the company. Not quite a sales position, but I am still pretty involved in the process.

My boss is very nice. Our company has been featured as one of the top 50 remodeling companies in the country in one of the big trade magazines. Even in the article, Boss talks about surrounding himself with good people and the importance of having happy employees. He expects a lot out of us but is really giving in return. He and I had a meeting with the salesman for our new phone system yesterday. It is a system that I am familiar with and he seemed to really like that I was taking initiative to ask the guy questions. I then told Boss about some of the ideas I had and he is definitely taking them into consideration.

Have a good day!


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