Tuesday, June 21, 2005

IMAC World Championships

Thursday was a super busy morning. The caravan was leaving at noon and I had a ton of things to do in the morning – namely going to the dentist and having my abcessed tooth taken care of (let me tell you – not fun!!). The dentist was great though and got me out of her office in enough time for me to get a pedicure that matched my (and all of the other girls at the studio) nails. We all got French manicures with black tips with a red line underneath. Like this:

On the way up to Vegas, I was in a van with most of the older girls that were going – all three Ashleys, Megas, Yvonne, Sara, Trish. One of the dads drove (poor him). We rocked out to boy bands and disco, took goofy pictures (I still have to get those developed), and made signs to communicate with other cars. The six hour drive went by so fast! It had to be one of the most fun road trips that I have ever been on.

We checked into the Riviera, had dinner and hit the Strip. The lesson I learned that night – high heels + Strip = BAD IDEA. Why? Because big blister on the bottom of my feet + karate tournament = OUCH! I had to keep my feet taped for the rest of the weekend. The older students got to drop off the younger kids and actually go out and have fun later. I got to hang out with Travis, which was nice because we haven’t hung out much since he started dating his girlfriend. We had a fun night in New York, New York and the Luxor.

Friday morning we had off so we all hit the pool and then the girls went shopping. I scored some super cute shoes from Abercrombie. We all stayed too long and Judy had to drive like a bat out of hell to get us back to the hotel in time for the start of the tournament. She is normally a calm and reserved person so it was fun to see her get all road raged out at the slow people.

Breaking, self defense, and team sparring divisions were on Friday night. We took two firsts and a second in breaking, a second in self defense, and the teen boys won first in team sparring. It was a good start to the tournament!

Black belt divisions and continuous sparring divisions were on Saturday. Almost every girl that fought placed and a few of them got the World Title. This is what I love about our Black Belt Beauties. We get our nails done, wear ribbons in our hair when we fight, wear makeup when we do our forms. We are definitely the girliest girls of any of the other studios and we get a TON of dirty looks and snickers from the girls that think it is stupid to get dolled up at a tournament.

We usually step in the ring and beat the crap out of those girls.
Without breaking our nails.

Anyway, I fought that night in continuous full contact fighting. I won my first round and watched as my teammate, Sara, got brutalized by this Kung Fu chick. She got hit really hard in the eye twice in a row ( yes it is full contact, no you are not supposed to hit in the face. They don’t want people bleeding everywhere.) The girl didn’t get disqualified, which she probably should have, but whatever. I went into my second match and about a minute in the girl I was fighting – a teammate of the girl that beat Sara—nailed me in the face with a back fist. She got me straight in the nose and mouth. I heard the crowd’s reaction before I really felt the pain. Luckily I didn’t get a bloody nose. My sensei checked me out and sent me back in the ring. The ref asked me if I was okay to fight and I started to jump up and down screaming, " Bring it on! Come on! Let’s go!" My whole studio started cheering.

Outbursts like that are very unlike me in fighting. I am usually kind of a wimp about getting hit in the face.

HammieLove said the girl looked terrified when I started doing that.

We started to fight again and every shot I had on her head I took. I didn’t hit her in the face but I was bitch slapping her upside the head every time I could. *WHAM* Back fist *WHAM* Ridge hand.

Like this:

That's me in the red head gear, not falling down. I bet she felt that the next day.

I had to fight her teammate for first place. By this time, my leg is pretty much done with and the other girl was practically fresh because she only had one fight. She was also a really good fighter and I lost by a split decision.

Still second place is not bad considering I have been in physical therapy for the last six weeks and I haven’t trained for continuous fighting. I am pretty proud of myself. Sensei that top 4 at World Championships is considered the top tier – we all get declared World Champions. I just don’t have the title. Next year, baby.

To be continued…


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