Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I started reading a really good book last night. It is called Invisible Monsters and the author is the same guy that wrote Fight Club (which was a book first? Had no idea...) This book is twisted, witty, entertaining and very thought provoking. A definite departure from the historical romances that I have been stuck on lately. I think the historical romances were getting me in the mood for...

Ren Faire! *yay*

Meg and I are heading to the Faire on Sunday and I am so excited! It is in a new place this year, with grass and trees (as opposed to dirt and well, dirt). The Faire has some bittersweet memories for me, so I am glad that it is in a new place. Less painful that way. I was going to rent a costume but Meg and I decided to just go in street clothes. It is going to be a ton of fun. I can't wait.

In other good news this week, HammieLove is fixing the CV joints on my car tomorrow. My poor Echo has been growling like a monster for YEARS -- though I, being the chick that I am, thought it was just normal road noise. HL said I am lucky that my tires didn't fall off. It will be interesting to hear what my car is SUPPOSED to sound like.

I have finally been able to use my legs a little bit in training. My physical therapist says that I should be ready to go soon. I feel a lot stronger and even when my leg is hurting, it is nowhere near as bad as it could be. The guys at Project Athlete are miracle workers!

One of our girls is going to be in a HBO documentary about female kickboxers. They were filming at the studio on Saturday. Lindsey (who is a world champion fighter and beautiful to boot) will be profiled up until the World Championships (29 days!). She totally deserves this. We are all very excited for her.

And the director told me I was beautiful. *blush* That made my day because I haven't been feeling beautiful lately.

Boss is out of town for the week and it has been predictably busy. We are hanging in there though.

Can I say that I am happy that Tom won Survivor? Definitely the most deserving winner ever.

And though I LOVE Carrie, I think Bo might have won AI last night with that a cappella performance. That was awesome.

Till later...


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