Monday, February 28, 2005


The job search is officially on. Back to the old grind of scouring the classifieds and sending out my resumes. I hate this part. Hopefully, I should have a full time job within the next couple of weeks. The paychyecks will be NICE. I am hoping to get a job that pays well enough to have HammieLove quit his second job of doing maintenance at the apartment complex. We could live comfortably on what I used to make but if I could get a little bit of a raise, it would make paying rent again a lot easier on our bank account. I want him to be able to relax when he gets home instead of having to rush off for another three hours to do maintenance.

Getting full time work is going to slow down my recently acquired partying bug. I was out util four in the morning on Friday night (saw Constantine --which was AWESOME-- and went to the beach with Meg and some friends) and was out until 5 am on Saturday night with Meg and Travis. I am getting too old for that shit! :) It is lots of fun but I think I am looking forward to my old homebody routine. Plus, my training regimen is going to get a lot more intense in the two months before Nationals. Two nights of karate, two nights of Krav Maga, Fight Club on Fridays and Sparring and Nationals Practice on Saturday. Crazy...

To celebrate the fact that I am officially OVER bronchitis and the fact that is finally NOT raining, I am going to go buy a new bikini today. *yay* Hopefully the weather will cooperate wenough for me and Meg to hit the beach a couple more times before my full time schedule kicks in.

TiVo is going to be working overtime this week with Amazing Race starting, and America's Next Top Model. I am such a junkie for reality TV. It's a sickness.

*stomach growling*

Okay, off on the hunt for food. Later!


Blogger GreenTuna said...

You sound SO busy!! Good luck on your job search :)

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