Thursday, February 03, 2005

Reality Wrap-Up

Amazing Race

I really want Kris and Jon to win. Last week was the first time we ever saw them lose their tempers and I think they are lovely -- especially when compared to Aaron and Hayden (or really just Hayden. I like Aaron.) Freddy and Kendra have grown on me because they are really not that bad. Not really that smart either, using the Yield as revenge, and Kendra needs to stop using the word "ghetto." I think she uses it mostly as slang (which I do too) but it really comes off as derogatory. Rebecca and Adam just need to shut up.

The Apprentice

Is it weird that I hate mostly everyone? I like Stephanie tonight but all I think when I see her is "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" NBC is casting in San Diego at the end of the month and I thought about just going down and applying...

Then I remembered that it is the "Apprentice" Not "The Apprentice's Assistant." I would make a great Robin though!

American Idol has been okay so far. I wish they would spend more time on the good auditions but I guess that is what the Hollywood episodes are for. I wish that they would keep both Mark McGrath and LL Cool J as judges permanently. They seemed to fair and funny.

I don't know if anyone else watches Project Runway but I am totally addicted to that show! I hope they do another season. Also, Wickedly Perfect is a new guilty pleasure. Though Joan Lunden is super plastic-y.

That's it! Can you tell that I have spent the past week on the couch?


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