Sunday, January 09, 2005

Rainy Days

Since it doesn't happen so often in San Diego, the rainy days are a nice reprieve from normal life. They present the opportunity to stay inside, cuddle on the couch, and catch up on our Netflix. HammieLove and I have had a quiet and lovely weekend. I feel more at peace than I have in a while and I am definitely savoring the feeling.

My doc switched my meds. He took me off the amphetamine based Adderall and put me on Concerta, which is a name brand of Ritalin. He said that the switch should help with the temper and insomnia. So far I can't tell much of a difference, though I did nap yesterday, which I had found to be difficult on my other meds. I feel calmer also -- almost too calm. I don't mind it and think after six months of being wound tight, the calm is completely unfamiliar. HL has noticed it too. Thank God. :)

I got my DVD copy of Alias in the mail yesterday. Frickin' awesome!! I love the whole throwback to a covert black ops division of the CIA. Thank you JJ for taking us back. The look on Syd's face when she saw the team and asked who assembled it? Priceless.

We also watched Monster today. I can see why Charlize won the Oscar. What a great performance and totally fucked up movie.

I talked to my sensei yesterday and it looks like I am going to start training for Nationals next week. The World Team was training in the gym yesterday during my shift and it looks like I will be joining them to train for Nationals. I want to try out for the World Team so it will be good practice for me. My friend, and Sensei, Travis is making me come to figthing next Saturday. I am intimidated by their fighters but he is going to work with me to get me up to speed. I guess you have to fight at Worlds if you want to compete so I have to get up to snuff. My friend Meagan is going to help me train also. All the training will help get me in shape for my personal training certification. I will be a lean, mean fighting machine!

The whole gym staff is going out dancing on Wednesday night. Since most of them are 18, we had to find a club that had an 18+ night. Travis and I are the only 21+ people going and we have figured out the beauty of having a bunch of 18 year olds go out with us -- built in designated drivers! Woo hoo! We actually might be able to take the team karate van that holds 15 so we can all take one vehicle. Most of the girls have never been to a club before so it will be fun to be the one to take them.

I think I am going to go work on the quilt I am making for HL's sister. Her birthday is in three weeks and I want to have it done by then. :)


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