Thursday, December 16, 2004

I feel like I have been living at the gym this week. I picked up a couple more shifts and I have been staying after my shifts to work on the marketing campaigns, then I have to come back for karate class. I am always there!

I am pretty excited though. My manager is letting me take the lead on the marketing and all the personal trainers are excited to have someone who is going to organize that department. Since I want to use the personal trainers as incentive to get people to join, it makes sense for me to get a general procedure and schedule down with the trainers. I can also help set them up with new members and grow their business. I want to make the gym the same quality as some of the higher end ones but at a much lower price. All the trainers are offering me 10% commission off any sales I send their way and all of them have offered to train me in trade. One of them, Mike, is a massage therapist and he has actually been working on my back all week. It has been causing me a lot of pain the past couple of weeks and I am SO grateful to him for it! I am doing some baking tonight and making him fudge.

Hopefully between the commission I will make off of signing new members and any kickbacks I get off the trainers will help sustain me on this part time work. The cool thing is that this job is what I make of it and my fate is controlled by me and how hard I work. I love that!

I think it is too late to register for school but I am trying to find out about late registration. It looks like I am going to be crashing all my classes! Woo hoo!


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