Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I had my first interview this morning with a window replacement company. I had a shirt on that has a sort of plunging neckline (still professional though, thank you) and was amused to see the lobby get extremely busy with traffic from the salesmen. I think the interview went well, I liked the owner of the company. He seemed very concerned with my history of "personality conflicts" with my previous jobs. I made the mistake of putting my last job on the application because I didn't want to look like I had been unemployed for two months. He wondered why I didn't "fit in" there and was also concerned because I had been terminated from my first professional job.

I got fired from that job because I interviewed for another company. The company that I was at was the most nepotistic place I had ever seen. It was also my first experience working in an environment with older women. The two women that HATED me were 1. the wife of the operations manager 2. the girlfriend of one of the top salesmen. Both of them were good friends with a guy who worked for the company I interviewed for. I went as a guest of this guy to a concert and he tried to take advantage of me when I was drunk. If I hadn't woken up when I did, it might have been date rape. So I offended him by not staying passed out long enough for him to have sex with me. HE saw ME at his office when I interviewed, called Bitches 1 and 2, who told my boss, who had me fired.

I didn't tell that to the guy I interviewed with today, but he knew there were conflicts with the women in the office, especially ones whose spouses worked with me. He said he could see the women being threatened by a young, confident, attractive woman. I still don't know if that is good or bad.

I had to do a spelling test (necessary, receipt, colonel) and do a math problem and then we chatted. He said he would be making a decision tomorrow afternoon, so I guess I will know sooner than later, right?

I think I won't even mention my last job anymore. I think being unemployed for two months is better than trying to explain why I couldn't work in a hostile and poorly managed office.

Two more interviews tomorrow and a "go-see" for a paintball company that I really want to work for. They will be at a tournament in San Diego, so I am going to go meet the girl that is hiring.

And TVJ, the country club that I was hoping for hired someone with a ton of golf course experience. I got a LETTER three weeks later. I am glad I didn't hold out for that one!


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