Tuesday, November 02, 2004

This Weekend

Without going into business specifics, this weekend was AWESOME! We went out to the desert to ride, celebrate HammieLove's birthday and sponsor our first event. Riding was phenomenal (meaning nothing broke and no one got hurt -- and since I am the one who always gets hurt, that makes it even better!). The weather was great, HL loved all of his presents, D and I got along really well and we all had fun! The event went really well. People were loving the stickers and asking for more. They would slap them on their bikes and cars and wanted to know more, more, more! I think we are going to get a great response from this. We are doing the same thing on Thanksgiving weekend, plus we can sell our product on Thanksgiving, which means we can finally make some money. *yay*

I was a devil for Halloween. I must say that I think the costume went over well. I got a marriage proposal (not from HL, sadly), and a couple requests to become a raffle prize. *blush* Silly boys. I also had some perv take a picture of my rack while I was out riding. My tank top was low cut, granted, but I was helping my friend kick start her bike and some dude slowed down in his truck (I thought to help) and the passenger was taking a picture down my shirt! Not cool at all.

I figure the bright side to that one is if he is showing it off, at least I was wearing a shirt with our logo on it, right? There's no such thing as bad publicity!

People tripped out on my eyes...

They are red cat-eye lenses and they were fun to wear, as long as I wasn't riding.

All in all, it was a really fun and productive weekend and I can't wait for Thanksgiving!!


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