Tuesday, October 19, 2004

My Berf-day

Yesterday was awesome. I wasn't expecting my bike because HammieLove told me that the one in the shop was reserved but mine would be in from the factory on Friday. I got home and when I went to the rental office, he rolled my bike out of the back! I was so excited! I rode it around the whole complex and we even went to the mall last night to try and find me a jacket and messenger bag to wear so I could ride it to work. (We didn't find either but I did get a cool new pair of hardcore hi-top Vans).

HL and I got in a little argument this morning because he thought I was going to be late to work if I tried to ride my bike and I thought that I could get there just fine. Not to mention the fact that I am an ADULT and it is my hide if I am late to work (which I wasn't going to be.) I knew he would be pissed off at me all day if I took my bike, so I just left in a huff.

He showed up at my office about 8:15 with the stopwatch on his phone showing that he made it in 13 minutes (I had 15 to get to work). He drove my car home so I could ride my bike home tonight.

Such a good man, even if he drives me nuts sometimes. But sometimes he brings me breakfast at work on days when I leave the house in a huff. *wink*


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Now THAT'S love!

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