Wednesday, September 29, 2004


You are reading the writing of the newest employee of HammieCom Contractors, which is the pseudonymous name of the insulation contractor that hired me yesterday afternoon!! :) This is the same place that I interviewed at in the morning. The owner called me in the afternoon and offered me the job!

I am not making as much money as I wanted to, but I am making a better hourly rate than I was at my old job. Add into that the fact that the new office is all of 2 miles from my house, I get to wear jeans every day, and I get off at 4pm, it adds up to a lot more. Taking away the two hour commute, the need to buy professional clothes and the fact that I will never be late to karate again, and Hammie is one happy camper. I start tomorrow. I am so excited!! :)

To date, I received 14 phone calls from the resumes I sent out on Monday. After I accepted the job, I got two more phone calls for interviews which I turned down. I was at the bookstore (buying ADD and the Workplace -- trying to initiate some new skills to help manage the job from the get-go) when I got the calls and finally this lady came over and asked me what I was doing to be so in demand in the job market. I told her about the fax cover letter and she said that she was going to tell her daughter (who is looking for a job) because she couldn't believe that I got so three calls in five minutes!

Everyone is asking me what I am going to do if the country club calls and offers me the job. The way I figure it, if they wanted me that bad or if it was meant to be, I would have heard by now. It was pretty flattering to get called, interviewed and hired at my new company in the span of 24 hours. I got hired over two other people with more experience too. The owner said he liked my personality. :) I will be flattered if I do get called for the country club, and I know that I would love the job but I think that I will be more comfortable in the job I accepted. They seem laid back and it doesn't seem to be as high pressure. I am not going to be doing any event planning that I can tell but toning things down a bit will probably help me settle into getting my own company straight after hours.

Now for your viewing pleasure:

This is Zion, my youngest kitty. Isn't she cute?

This is Zion the Lion sleeping on Hammie Love's Steel Batallion game. It makes me sleepy too!

This is Neo, who is the Queen Bee of the house. She is the kitty that I rescued when she was two days old and raised in the front seat of my diesel truck when I was a delivery driver.

And this is Dozer ( aka Dodo) who is the middle "child". You can't tell in this picture but he is a TANK at 21 pounds. He is also the clumsiest and sweetest cat around.

Well, I am off to the eye doctor's. A lot of good paying $1200 for Lasik did me. Three years later and I need to get glasses. They won't be Coke Bottles though, like I had to wear most of my life. I can get cute little glasses now! And color contacts if I want them! My prescription was always so bad before that I couldn't get either. I had to have frames that looked like the Marine Corps issue ones and I was almost to the point of not being able to have disposable contacts, color ones were OUT of the question. Hopefully my insurance is going to cover it. If not I am going to have to hit the savings, which will put me a little farther away from this:

Which is the Honda TRX450R, which is the bike I am saving for...

Soon, my pet, soon. But I need to be able to see so I can work, so I can make the money to buy you!! ")


Blogger GreenTuna said...

CONGRATS!!! Wow, that is really, really awesome. What a great way to start my Thursday morning. Here's to wishing you every success :)

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mandy, will you please send me your email address? I want to interview you, but can't find your contact info.


9:23 AM  

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