Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dear BossMan and LadyBoss,
This letter is to serve notice that my last day at the Habitrail will be September 15, 2004.

It was an extremely difficult decision to leave your employ. I have learned and experienced so much as your assistant and I am truly grateful for the chance you took on me. Any future supervisor of mine will have a hard time comparing to the patience, kindness, and tutelage that you two have shown me. I feel that I can no longer maintain the level of service that you require and in feeling that way, I would like to step aside and allow you to seek the type of assistant that will be more suitable to your needs.

I did want you to know that I am not leaving you to go work someplace else, at least not right away. I am taking time off to decide what I want and will pursue options that I believe will be better suited to my strengths. Now that I have a name to attribute some of my weaknesses to, I will be able to find a position that can accommodate some of my more eccentric qualities.

I will be happy to train my replacement if one is found prior to my last day. I have a copy of the ad that was used to find me and I am prepared to have it placed in the Hammie Tribune, if you so wish. If a replacement is not found in the time before I leave, I will make sure that there is copious amounts of notes and instructions to help guide them through daily activities. I will also be available to you and them by cell phone if there are outstanding questions. It is my desire to make this transition as smooth as possible.

I sincerely hope that we will be able to part as friends. I may not have been a great assistant but I am most definitely a great admirer of both of your talents, compassion and grace.


This is the letter that I am giving to my boss'. I am meeting LadyBoss for a client dinner and it will in the contents of her inbox, which she asked that I bring with me (It'll be on top, TVJ). I don't want to give it to her before the dinner because I don't want her to be upset, but I do want her to have a chance to sleep on it. I also wanted to give it to her in person. BossMan will be getting a phone call tomorrow since he is on vacation. (I talk to him daily so I won't be interrupting anything.)

Between my TRX450 fund and the two weeks vacation that I am owed, I will be able to be unemployed for six weeks. Since I REALLY want my quad, I have motivation to only be unemployed for two. I am leaving without having anything else lined up though. I feel like I need to get out and take some time for myself, even if it is only a day or two.

HammieLove had such a hard time understanding where I was coming from. Number one, he was fixated on the fact that I have worked so hard to save up for my bike and I was willing to run the risk of spending that money. I told him I would give up going riding forever to stop feeling the way I feel about myself now. I really had to PUSH to make him see that I feel like I am dying inside. To never feel like I am good enough. To know that I have changed since I started working here. There is still a bright, happy, and optimistic girl hiding in here somewhere but she is being overshadowed by the overwhelmed, frustrated, and depressed person created by the stress.

I miss her.

This is probably the most adventurous thing I have ever done and I am proud of myself for taking the leap.

I am going to find something that makes me happy. I am going to work someplace where I can smile and not have people think less of me for it.

I am stepping out and God forbid anyone who gets in my way.




Blogger TV Junkie said...

Awww..Hammie! Ok. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'm just so happy you aren't gonna slip the letter on the bottom of the in basket! GOOD CALL!

Be strong, girl.



8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good job... i havent been up to date on your blog since i left biosite. im glad that you are going to be a little selfish and do what it is you want to do, as opposed to what you should do. continue to be smart about it though. i wish you were a little more honest about the situation in your letter of resignation, but i understand that you need to leave on a positive note for references and such. good job!


5:47 AM  

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