Friday, August 27, 2004

If you were wondering about my want ad, I have decided that I need to find another job.

I have changed in the two years I have been here. The stress and frustration has made me an angrier person. I am more impatient and less forgiving and kind. I don't like what I have become.

I am also tired of being disrespected. People see my happy demeanor and positive attitude and mistake it for naivete. Many take it as a sign to try and walk all over me. BossMan has yelled at me, disrespected and been condescending to me for the last time. I left home for a reason. Don't treat me like a child. My health, physical and emotional, is of no consequence to them. I am tired of being berated about having to see the doctor. I can't time breaking my bones to a more convenient schedule for them. I need to take care of my ADD, I need to take care of my bum knee. I had plans to take care of these PRIOR to breaking my toe, which now I also have to take care of. I guess I am choosing my health over a job. You know what though? I am 23. There will be other jobs. I can't say the same for my knee or my shoulder. 23 is too young to be permanently damaged like that, especially when one is busting her ass 8 hours a week in karate.

I think that this position has served its purpose. I have more experience to bring to the table. My current boss' low-balled me because I had no experience and was making dick at my last job. Even paying me $7000 below the running rate for my position was a HUGE raise for me. Now I know what I want, I know what I am worth and I am going after it.

Resume is prepped and ready, if anyone is interested!


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