Thursday, September 09, 2004

T -6

Less than a week left. Things are going really well. LadyBoss took my resignation pretty well. She is sad and a little panicked about the transition but she is definitely appreciative of the fact that I don't plan on leaving them high and dry. She has actually offered to pay me a consulting fee if they need me to come in and help clarify some things for the new assistant.

I named my price at BossMan's field level, 50 yard line seats to the Chargers vs. Bucs game. To see my Bucs play live! A total dream come true!

They accepted the offer. If I consult A LOT, I am going to ask for good tickets to see Rent when it swings through San Diego. I don't really want money, crazy as that sounds.

BossMan reacted as if I had told him it was sunny outside. Basically, he didn't. He did comment on my maturity and proffesionalism, which was nice. I think he thinks that I am leaving in reaction to the blow up we had before he went on vacation. That's not why, I have been considering this since I was diagnosed, but I'll let him think that.

A lot of people (in real life and in the blogosphere) have commented on the tone of my letter. I know it seems like I am taking 100% of the blame. Part of that is to preserve the good will of my boss' for future references. I know that they weren't perfect, not by a long shot. The crux of the whole situation is that I am not the right fit for the job. We all have known it for a while but I was the one to take action on it. I have learned a lot from them, they have been very patient with some of my less admirable work habits and I do appreciate that they took a shot on me, when I KNOW that they interviewed people with more experience. I am planning on staying in touch, with them and a lot of other people here.

Call it ka, but it was time to move on.

They have 7 interviews today. I have picked all the people they are interviewing from the resumes that the agency sent over. I also gave the position a raise (without asking!). They are going to get what they pay for and they need to pay more for what they are asking. We have gotten a crop of candidates, most with degrees! I don't set my watch and warrant by college edumacation (since I have none to speak of) but I think it bodes well for a stable person to replace me. And since at least a couple are sorority girls, I know BossMan (president of his at USC so long ago) will have a good connection with them.

Then I can get the hell out and go to the beach!!


Blogger TV Junkie said...

Absolutely, positively, the best way to handle it. There is no point in burning any bridges. It's obvious that TPTB don't want hear about, nor acknowledge any fault they carry in the working relationship. You always want to leave on a high note. You never know when you might need to re-visit a former employer. Stranger things have happened.

You Go, Girl!


9:52 AM  
Blogger mensch71 said...

Way to take the high road - and way to be the grown up and recognize that you aren't the right person for the job. I'm keeping my real and blog fingers crossed for you!

7:34 PM  

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