Friday, September 10, 2004

My friend, Jared, wrote this and I thought it was beautiful.

I Met Myself Today
I met Myself today
While on a deeper path to pain.
A winding road of sorrow,
In a darker wagon train.

I asked Myself some questions,
But the answers wouldn't come.
I hope one day to find them,
Or if not all then some.

But the answers weren't the issue,
I quickly came to see.
The issue was perspective,
And the perspective was on Me.

I was amused by Me,
My wit so sharp and clear.
I found some things to cherish,
To keep Myself endeared.

I found Myself a person
Not what I thought I'd be --
Sweet and evil, complicated,
Likeable and free.

So past this point I figured
I should probably keep in touch.
I kind of like Me after all,
Despite my frailties, faults and such.

So to those who've got to know Me --
For those who think they might --
I've seen a glimpse of who you see,
And I think you may be right.


Jared has a website with more poems but I can't find the link. I'll post it if I find it.


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