Monday, October 18, 2004

Go, Hammie, it's your birthday...

Today I turn the big TWO-FOUR. *makes her wish and blows out the candles*

I gave myself a birthday present and joined the Peloton Project for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. From now until August 2005, I will be raising money to aid cancer survivors and their families. I was inspired by the "Beacons of Hope" fundraiser that I thought up, especially when the man that we were going to fundraise for didn't want us to do the fundraiser for him (which I totally understand). It seemed like too good of an idea to let go to waste, so now I am going to do "Beacons of Hope" to benefit the LAF, in honor of my Uncle Tony, who is fighting cancer, and in memory of my Nan, who succumbed on August 21 to her third go-round with cancer.

So for my birthday, I am asking any of who can and want to donate to a GREAT cause, to go to this my donation page and throw a couple of bucks at the LAF.

Thanks and everyone have a great day today! I know I am going to!! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


too bad youre a libra. the world could use more fish. then we could move on to more important things, like utopia and hedonism. :)

hope youre having a good day, though i dont think you should be at work. i trust the other hammie has big plans for you? like a nice dinner and wine? flowers?
let me know how things are!

10:38 AM  

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