Thursday, October 14, 2004


Everyone knows that I left my job last month and I recently found a new one. In the process of all this happening, my health insurance from my last job ran out and my health insurance from my new job doesn't kick in until the first of January. The solution to this is to get COBRA (the program where you can get the same health benefits you had, but you have to pay for them), right? You enroll for continuous health care, right?


I got my election letter from COBRA five days before my medical insurance expired. You have to elect to enroll (which you can do online -which I did), then you have to wait for them to send you an invoice through regular mail. Then you mail in a check and they process your payment and notify your insurance carrier.

Right off the bat, there is no way all this can be done in 5 days, so my insurance is going to expire and I will not have health insurance. Of course, in HammieLand, this means that the day after my insurance expires, I get a wicked UTI and I get a toothache. But my COBRA should be kicking in any day now, right? I enrolled, haven't got the invoice yet, but soon, right?


I get the invoice and it is THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH. *faints* Oh, and after I send them my right arm, I mean check, it can take the insurance company up to SIXTY DAYS to reinstate my insurance.


I have exactly three days worth of ADHD meds left. I am supposed to pay three hundred dollars a month to get my insurance reinstated but it is not going to happen in enough time to help me and I am going to have to pay for my pills out of pocket in addition to my insurance premiums. I could submit for reimbursement later but what a pain!

So I called the pharmacy and found out that if I paid cash for my Adderall, it would only be $104. I could buy a three month supply for the same amount of money that it would take for one month of insurance. I can go to the health clinic for anything else if I get sick before January.

I might pay the $30 a month for dental insurance because I was taking Advil Liquigels like candy to stop my tooth from hurting, but paying $1300 for a root canal would have hurt that much more. My tooth has stopped hurting though...medicine free.

So that's the end of my rant...

On the bright side, I bought the new Joss Stone CD yesterday and it is awesome. Everyone should go buy it!


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