Thursday, October 28, 2004


Note to self: Don't get a new hairstyle when it is raining outside.

I got my bangs cut quite a bit shorter than they were but since it is raining outside, I can't get them to style right and they are sticking up all over the place. Sexy...

San Diego definitely needs the rain, even with the chaos it brings. I am laughing the entire two minutes of my "commute" that I am not one of the suckers stuck on the freeway in the havoc. If I was still at my old job, it would be taking me two hours to get to work. Now I just cruise two miles and sit back and enjoy the weather.

My first safety meeting with the new company is today. I am going to be meeting all the field guys for the first time.

So I made cupcakes. A whole lot of cupcakes.

I started baking last night and got into a little assembly line groove and by the time the frosting was done, I had 72 cupcakes on my hands (and frosting EVERYWHERE else!) Holy cupcakes, Doughboy! I know the guys will appreciate it though and HammieLove DEFINITELY does!

I had decorated the office with all the pretty Halloween stuff but my boss called me into his office earlier this week and told me that I needed to work better on "fitting in." *ouch* I asked if he meant that I needed to become jaded and cynical about my job like everyone else. (I am SICK and TIRED of being shoved in a box!) I mentioned that I thought that everyone liked the decorations and had said as much to me. He said that everyone did like them, but they weren't to his personal preference. So I took them all down.

And I cried.

I felt so dumb for crying. I think part of it was that I hadn't slept for nearly thirty hours (thank you Adderall). I know that my feelings were hurt though. I thought that I had been hired BECAUSE of my spirit. I thought that I had finally found a place that needed and would appreciate my energy. I know my co-workers do. It just hurt to have someone else tell me to "fit in."

When the guys saw the tears, they all got mad and told me that he was an asshole and I shouldn't listen. It felt nice to have their support but he's the boss, you know? I told him that we ARE getting a Christmas tree and he laughed. I think he will give in on that point.

Big BD company event this weekend in the desert. I am driving myself crazy trying to get prepared. Our banner and stickers should be done today. I am very excited about them because they are our first advertisement purchase.

Off to work!!


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