Sunday, November 28, 2004

Easy Come, Easy Go

I had a feeling that it was too good to be true and I think the lesson here is that you should always go with you gut. After four days of working my ass for the paintball company, learning procedure and catching up the department (blowing away the other new girl who had no brain and a week's head start on me), they laid me off last Monday. Apparently, after the backlog of work got caught up, they "realized" that they didn't need two people to do customer service and since the BDI had a week seniority over me, they let me go. I was totally devestated. My dream job snatched away after four days and given to a girl who didn't care about the customers, her job, the company or the sport.

I feel like I have been looking for a job for two months. Actually, December 15th is three months since I left my sales assistant job. I am having the worst luck finding a good position. I got offered a job by my sensei to work in the gym that is attached to the karate studio. It is a part time gig, but I figured if I could find another part time admin or nanny job, I could fit going to school in during the day. HL is okay with it as soon as he gets full time work. I am just tired of looking for a job right now.

I felt I had earned taking the week off, so I focused on getting our RV ready for the desert. I have never sewn before but I still managed to make slip covers, curtains, and pillows for our RV. With a new paint job and a tile floor (done by HL) our old 1978 RV looks as good as new on the inside.

HL's sister and family are down from Oregon. After spending over a week with them, and spending five days in the desert with the rest of our family, I am ready to be alone. I guess I never noticed how much I like being by myself, or just with HL sometimes. I guess that goes away when you have kids though, huh?

We had a good T-giving in the desert. The weather was beautiful and the riding was fun. We did have one mishap when three other girls and I went riding on our own. We misjudged the distance, got separated, two of us ran out of gas (one being me), got separated again, the end result being that I had to beg gas off of a couple of guys and ride the 13 miles back to camp, by myself, after dark, in a tank top in 50 degree weather. It was quite an adventure. Luckily, all bikes and broads got home safe that night and we rode again the next day.

And no crashes for me this weekend, thank you very much.

I am off to check on everyone else, but have no fear, I will be back on a more regular basis soon, I hope.


Blogger TV Junkie said...

First of all .. happy belated Thanksgiving. (Did you go to Glamas?) Now, about the job. Have you considered signing up at some Temp Agencies? Ever since Sybil left us, we've had a couple of temps, and we found one now that we think we would like to hire permanently. It may be a way for you to try out several jobs and let the employer really see you shine.

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