Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hammie against the World

Went to the Chargers vs. Bucs game today. Bucs lost.

Hammie: 0 World: 1

Checked my email and found out that I didn't get the second nanny job that I wanted.

Hammie: 0 World: 2

Sort of a bummer end to the day but overall the week has been fun. I did get hired at my sensei's gym so I am working there around 20 hours a week. I am making half the hourly wage I am accustomed to -- and half the hours, so I guess I am making about a quarter of what I used to but who's counting? (HammieLove -- counting and stressing. We negotiated that I have until February to start making decent enough money -- not as much as I was making before but decent enough money -- or I have to give up part time and look for a full time job.) My nanny job should pick up in hours in the new year and I am looking forward to that.

I started reading The Baby Whisperer and The Baby Whisperer's Guide to Toddlers because I figured a couple of books on child development wouldn't hurt since I am going to be dealing with children a lot more. I am finding that the author is giving really practical advice. I kind of want to have a kid so I can test out some of her methods! While I can use some of the tactics on the kids I watch, I can't really change their routines or anything. I need kids of my own for that. I can tell ya that HL is THRILLED that I am reading these and getting baby fever. Except he's not. He probably wants to set them on fire and throw them out the window, along with the TV when it is playing the sappy jewelry commercials. Wedding and baby fever galore -- fun times in the Hammie House.

I always try to be clear about telling HammieLove what I want. I think that a lot of women think that their significant others should be adept about reading their minds and then are frustrated when they don't get what they want. That doesn't happen to me. He knows EXACTLY what I want because I always use "I want." I think I have overdone it though because he has started saying "You want everything!" Case in point -- we were watching Discovery Channel and there was a show that had a baby giraffe on it.

Hammie: I want a baby giraffe!
HL: You want everything!

So now every time I say "I want..." He replies with " I want a baby giraffe!" just to mock me. So we were in Costco yesterday and lo and behold there was a life size (well, like 5 feet tall) stuffed baby giraffe. *yay*

Hammie: Please please please please please please please can I have the baby giraffe?
HL: *groan*

Needless to say I didn't get the giraffe. Since I don't have a "real" job and all and we are a little broke right now. I was actually kind of sad that I didn't get it. Maybe Santa will bring it! :)

Hammie:0 World:3


Blogger TV Junkie said...

*sigh* .. I was rooting for the Bucs. I lurve me some Jon Gruden. Things will turn around, Mandy. Karma rewards the good. Right? [small voice] Right? [/sv]

6:50 AM  

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