Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I Got The Blues

In a good way though! I tested for my blue stripe in karate on Saturday and passed! So now I am a brown in belt in tae kwon do and blue belt in karate. The test had to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life! Five hours of getting my ass kicked - my sick, broken toe, tired ass. We spent the first two hours doing warm-ups and forms, along with take downs and throws. Then we were fed a bowl of rice and a cup of tea before we ran about four miles. THEN we got to fight. I. HATE. FIGHTING. I am very into the whole art part of the martial arts--I like making things look pretty. The fighting side has never really appealed to me but my new studio is very much a fighting studio so I had to get with the program. I thought I was holding my ground pretty well until I got paired up with one of the black belts. A black belt that I am five inches taller than and a good fifty pounds heavier.


HammieLove said that the fight turned when she caught me good across the jaw and followed up with some nice shots to the body. The body shots took my wind and I never had a chance to get it back. I got whooped. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think and when the round was over, I collapsed to the ground. Apparently, collapsing is the worst thing in the world to do at my studio. My sparring partner hauled me up and then my sensei made me fight another round. I made it through and passed my test but I am so disappointed with myself for falling. My sensei said that I impressed him with everything but my fighting. I was trying to get nominated for the Black Belt Club, which is the elite team at the studio, and I fell short because, well, I fell. My senior (the black belt that is in charge of helping me train for my black belt) says that she is pretty sure I didn't make BBC because I fell. I am disappointed but it gives me something to work harder on. I never liked fighting but now I want to be the best and I am going to train as hard as necessary to make that happen. Not making BBC is secondary now -- I want to make the World Team and I am not going to do that if I can't fight.


Not much else going on...hung with my friends Travis and Meagan this weekend. We watched The Grudge. That movie scared the CRAP out of me!! I was yelping and screaming the whole time. I hate scary movies!

HL and I are supposed to make each other something for V-Day and I have no idea what to make. The quilt I made for Christmas was pretty extravagant and now anything I do is going to pale in comparison. Anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fighting is the necessary evil with martial arts. I never much liked it either, because I sucked. Then I got my ass kicked by a little guy and it pissed me off to no end. It gets you to the point where you will push yourself that much harder, and the next time you fight that person and win, you'll know why. It's not that physically training for fighting made you any better (though it does), but that mentally you were better prepared. It doesn't take much skill or physical prowess to best someone in combat, you just have to be faster in the head, and more aware of whats happening. The worst thing about your sparring wasn't that you got winded, it was that you couldn't think. Remember that.

As for Valentine's? I haven't got a clue. You can't compare to past gifts or events though, else your whole life be full of 'it used to be better'. How depressing.

Good luck with your continued training!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

where you been? you didn't shoot yourself with your new gun did you?


10:01 AM  

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