Thursday, May 05, 2005

May Gray

It’s that time in Southern California when every day is gray and gloomy. It is still warm, granted, but there is no sun. I miss the sun. *sigh* The weather is subdued and so am I.

42 days until World Championships. I am back to training 6 days a week. Maybe that is why I am subdued. I am TIRED. Having a lot of fun but tired. I am very excited to be learning a sai form. Sais are the weapons that Elektra uses, the three pronged dagger. I have learned my entire form and now I’m working on getting it tournament ready. It is super cool and I feel powerful when I do it.

I have been fighting more often and enjoying it a lot more, even when I get my ass kicked. Funny what a little third place trophy will do for your confidence… I have decided to add continuous fighting to my repertoire along with point fighting. I never liked continuous before and am still a little scared because I tend to have asthma related issues but I really want to fight. (This is such a different attitude for me! I still amaze myself.)

The IIMA World Team is fortunate enough to have had a really awesome resource move in right next door. Project Athlete is a company run by two physical therapists that specialize in sports specific athletic training. Their motto is "Great athletes aren’t born, they are trained." They have all this high tech equipment that measure how strong you are, how flexible and that track the biomechanics of your movements. They use all the information to discover how you can be faster, stronger, and more agile. I decided to do private sessions because of all my injuries, as opposed to the group deal that they offered. After my evaluation, this is what my trainer says to me:

"We’ve got our work cut out for us."


The great news about this is that he thinks that a lot of my leg and back problems stem from my feet. I guess they angle in, which is called pronating (I think.) They can focus on fixing my feet and legs and hopefully the other problems I have will go away. I am really excited about the possibilities with these guys.

Work is great. Home is greater. HammieLove is the greatest!

Life is good.

What about you? Leave me a comment and make me feel good about myself!


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