Monday, March 28, 2005

It is a hard realization that there comes a time when you have to put away childish things and become an adult. Especially when these things are people you love or things you need to change about yourself.

I feel like I have been thrust into another transitional stage in my life. I am relaxing into it, laying back and letting the current take me where it will. I feel introspective and peaceful, even though there are aspects of my personality that I have discovered that I do not like and that, too, was tough to realize. Change is in the wind and I believe it to be a good thing.

Work is going well. I really love my job, tough and busy as it is.

HL and I are doing VERY well. We spent an awesome weekend in the desert. I felt so much like my pre-depression/ADHD self. Our relationship felt a lot like it used to too. It was nice.

Stressed at work today so I treated myself to sushi. Which I am going to eat while working, so I'm off.


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