Friday, March 11, 2005


Don't know why. It is a beautiful day. I spent yesterday at the beach and partying with friends from the studio.

I'm just blue.


The bright side is really shining down on me though. Things are awesome in my life. I got a new job that I start on Monday. I am going to be a sales assistant to a team of 7 salesmen for a company that deals in international importing and sales. They are paying me an insane amount of money and my office is five minutes from the beach. I am really excited to start working full time again.

Training is going really well. I tweaked my knee yesterday a little in Krav class but otherwise things have been awesome. I have done three classes without having to use my inhaler. I feel better, I look better (another 5 pounds down and a couple more inches lost), and I am beginning to feel more prepared for Nationals. I am still terrified -- but more prepared.

I miss my David. I know that is one thing putting me in a funk.

I think I am just restless. Maybe the new job will kick the blues out of me.

I know that going to the beach for lunch every day will do it. :)


Blogger TV Junkie said...

Good luck with the new job! xox

7:59 AM  

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