Monday, April 25, 2005

IIIIII am a Champion, My Friends (Sorta)

Four months of training is over and it resulted in (drumroll, please!)

Ta-Da!! I won third place in point sparring and sixth (ugh) in forms. I am disappointed in my forms place but I didn't come in last (which is great) and I think that I did good for my first ever tournament. But the fact that I got THIRD in fighting amazes me. I didn't think that I would do well at all. My coach, K.C., helped me a lot , though I thought he was going to have a coronary in the first round that I lost because he kept telling me to *hit* the chick I was fighting and I guess I was being too timid. I wasn't in the other round though!! *yay me*

The studio as a whole did an awesome job. We got a bunch of national titles and almost everyone at least placed. I had a blast and now I can't wait until Worlds. Six weeks left!


Blogger TV Junkie said...

Excellent job. Congratulations!

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